Grief Counseling Testimonials

Shalom Rabbi Glazer,

I finished reading your book and wanted to let you know my reactions…

  • It was easy to read
  • I enjoyed it
  • I felt as if you and I had been friends for a long time as your philosophy and mine are so very similar
  • I loved the “both and:” and will try to train myself to incorporate this!
  • I never thought of our greatest fear as being  powerful beyond measure….I am still thinking about this
  • Your 10 steps that begin healing are wonderful

Thank you for making this wonderful resource available to us and for reminding us about the gift of HOPE.



Dear Rabbi:

My husband passed away in June  2010, suddenly/unexpectedly in New York where we live. My friend mailed me a copy of your book, And God Created Hope, sensing my profound grief.  I read the entire book in an afternoon and asked her for your E-mail so that I might write to acknowledge the profound positive impact your words have had on me.

In the seven weeks since my dear husband left me, I doubt that any other words of consolation from supportive and caring family (including children) and friends, has resonated with me as much.  While reading your book I felt as if you where here beside me, comforting and counseling me.  I especially liked your references to biblical commentaries and stories as I taught religious school in the past and have a love of Jewish learning.

Finally, the passage that explained how in grief the dead are kept alive while the living mourners die (on the inside) instead, rang true to how I have been living since my husband’s death.  While I cannot change my sadness/depression over this tremendous loss overnight, I realize you are right; although disappointed in God, his decision was to leave me behind on earth for a purpose I have yet to understand.

Thank you ten-fold, for your beautiful insights and analogies.  I know I am only at the very beginning of my grief-process, but your book may have been the wisdom I needed/need to not lose myself in sorrow.

With deep gratitude and appreciation!