Bereavement Counseling With Rabbi Mel Glazer

Grief and Loss Healing Coaching – What to do AFTER a Loved One Dies

Time: 12 steps, 10 sessions

We can work in person, on the phone or Skype. I will walk you through the  steps you need to take to “lay them gently down,” to mourn and to heal from your losses.

Your Family and Your Upcoming Loss – What to do BEFORE a Loved One Dies

I will personally help you support your dying loved one

Guidelines for the family:

What should you say?
What should you not say?
What are “the elephants on the table,” and how can you help get them out in the open?
Which personal/family relationships need to be healed?
What three things MUST you say before death comes?
How does dying look? How does it feel?

How to Move Forward After Your Divorce

Now that your life has changed, what’s next?
How do you move forward?
What do you respond to “well-wishers?”
What happened and why?
How can you prevent it from happening again?

A Full Day of PERSONALIZED Grief/Loss Healing with You and Your Family

Time: 9 AM – 4 PM
Over the phone, in person or SKYPE.

Whatever the loss is, we will have plenty of time to discuss it.
Together, we will figure out what comes next.
If you like, I will come to you wherever you live!