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I wasn’t even 12 years old when my Daddy died. He had been home for an entire year, don’t remember what he did all day, because Momma never told us. Who knew he was dying? Who even knew what that meant? Not me, not my younger siblings. We were clueless. One day they came to… Read more »

Donald Trump Our Teacher

The Most Comforting Words Donald Trump Has Uttered Since He Was Elected The bitter election is thankfully over, and it ended differently than we thought. That’s not as important as what we said and did both during the election and after. We were mean and nasty to each other-the candidates, the media, and you and… Read more »

A GPS For Grief And Healing

3 Powerful Steps To Help You Move From Mourning To Morning #1 in TWO Kindle categories: Death and Grief and Spiritual Healing! Once we are born, we start to lose. We lose people, pets, good friends, spouses, children, jobs and special relationships. Sometimes we even lose faith in ourselves or in the world itself. And… Read more »

Playing God vs. Relieving Pain

I was invited last week by someone I did not know to have lunch together, he had “something spiritual” to talk to me about. We met, introduced ourselves, then he began his story. “My nephew, in his 30s, is a very low-functioning autistic. He has not been able to talk or care for himself for… Read more »

Joan Rivers and Robin Williams: When Heavy Humor is a Mask for Heavy Pain

The world has recently lost two wonderful entertainers, and we are all mourning their deaths, even though few of us knew them personally. Why are we so sad? I believe there are two reasons. First, we wish we could have been like them. Both of them were funny and popular, stars of stage, screen and… Read more »

You Can Live Too Long!

What do the terminally ill, the  2012 Presidential election race, and the 2012 Baseball Playoffs and  World Series have in common? I know, it is a very strange (and to some, most uncomfortable!) connection that I have discovered, but I believe it’s true. Some things live longer than they should. First: We have all known… Read more »

One Presidential Candidate Will Lose The Election

How we can begin to prepare for the loss In less than three months, we will have our annual Presidential election. By then, Mitt and Barak will have criss-crossed America and filled our minds with facts, feelings and funny (and some not-so-funny) stories about themselves, their families, their childhoods, and why we should vote for… Read more »

For Seven Days I Thought I Was Dying

So here’s the story… I moved to Stroudsburg, PA six years ago to become Rabbi at Temple Israel of the Poconos. As part of the move, I needed to find new doctors who would look after me. I made an appointment with one of the local specialists, who suggested that I should have my lungs… Read more »

How Do You Mourn an Ex-Spouse?

My first wife died several weeks ago. We were married almost thirty years, we have four kids and four grandsons, and we were divorced four years ago. Donna was sick for many years, and her body finally gave out. As sad as it was, it was also a relief. As I am fond of saying,… Read more »

When Healing Comes

What we have all been educated to acquire things. We have been taught how to get an education, get a job, buy a house. There are lots of courses to teach us whatever it is that we need to know. But what education do we receive about dealing with loss? Where can we go to… Read more »