Donald Trump Our Teacher

The Most Comforting Words Donald Trump Has Uttered Since He Was Elected The bitter election is thankfully over, and it ended differently than we thought. That’s not as important as what we said and did both during the election and after. We were mean and nasty to each other-the candidates, the media, and you and… Read more »


This election is almost over. And we Americans are so exhausted. We have been involved in the most egregious and disgust-creating campaign in modern history. We have been bombarded by long-winded speeches and mind-numbing debates and over-the-top news commentators telling us what it all “means.” And the truth is that most of us already decided… Read more »

A GPS For Grief And Healing

3 Powerful Steps To Help You Move From Mourning To Morning #1 in TWO Kindle categories: Death and Grief and Spiritual Healing! Once we are born, we start to lose. We lose people, pets, good friends, spouses, children, jobs and special relationships. Sometimes we even lose faith in ourselves or in the world itself. And… Read more »

Do Men and Women Grieve Differently?

Do Men and Women Grieve the Same?   Interesting question, isn’t it? We have all seen men and women grieve, but have we “really seen?” Sure, they both cry, and we try to comfort them the best we can, but after the family and friends leave the house, and the griever is left alone, then… Read more »

Leave the Patz family alone!

ETAN PATZ disappeared in New York City on May 25, 1979, when he was 6 years old.. That was 36 years ago. For all that time, his became a “cold case,” and no one was prosecuted for any crime. He was declared legally dead in 2001.Now, however, there is a suspect and now there is… Read more »

Brittany Maynard Did Not Die!

Some people that you and I know live their lives, but they are deadened ones. They teach us no life-lessons, they give not of themselves to anyone else, they care about no one but themselves. So when they die, they are hardly noticed. Because they did not live and contribute to the knowledge and emotions… Read more »

Playing God vs. Relieving Pain

I was invited last week by someone I did not know to have lunch together, he had “something spiritual” to talk to me about. We met, introduced ourselves, then he began his story. “My nephew, in his 30s, is a very low-functioning autistic. He has not been able to talk or care for himself for… Read more »

Why Does It Take Some People So Long to Heal?

Actually, it’s a trick question. The reality is, it takes people as long as it takes. Some take longer to heal, while some take less time. There are lots of variables which contribute to the answer, such as how close they were to the loved one, or how many previous losses they have healed from…. Read more »

Joan Rivers and Robin Williams: When Heavy Humor is a Mask for Heavy Pain

The world has recently lost two wonderful entertainers, and we are all mourning their deaths, even though few of us knew them personally. Why are we so sad? I believe there are two reasons. First, we wish we could have been like them. Both of them were funny and popular, stars of stage, screen and… Read more »