A GPS For Grief And Healing

3 Powerful Steps To Help You Move From Mourning To Morning

#1 in TWO Kindle categories: Death and Grief and Spiritual Healing!

Once we are born, we start to lose.
We lose people, pets, good friends, spouses, children, jobs and special relationships.

Sometimes we even lose faith in ourselves or in the world itself. And when that happens, we are usually clueless about what to do and how to move forward. And why is that? Because our parents do not teach these lessons to us, nor does our society. We need to learn the correct way to grieve. Grieving means to complete the relationship with the departed, say goodbye (not forget about!) and to be able to move on to lives of joy and celebration

A GPS For Grief And Healing is a blueprint for proper ways to grieve and move to joy. It describes what happens to us on the “inside” when our “outsides” become wounded. It gives personal stories and examples and gently coaches us to move rapidly through the three stages of grief (not 5 and not 7!) and to live our lives to the fullest.

We each have sources of resilience inside us that can be called upon to move us to where we need to be. Grief will teach you life-lessons, and those lessons will make it possible to deal with all the future losses that you will encounter.


A GPS FOR GRIEF AND HEALING is an excellent, approachable resource for those who are grieving and in fact, a great book for people to read even before they have reason to experience deep grief. Written in an engaging and sensitive manner, A GPS FOR GRIEF AND HEALING would be an excellent addition to both personal and public libraries everywhere.

Potential readers who turn to the back will be rewarded by excellent copy. Although I’m not sure who “Jennie” in New York is, the testimony is nevertheless nice. I like the author photo and the author shows his credibility on the front and back covers with his education.

The book itself is wonderful and helpful. Immediately I understood why the author wanted to write this book, and the advice inside is helpful. The book is laid out well and easy to read. It’s a book I think people may want to read more than once. It also challenges readers to think about the deep issues of life. Although written by a rabbi, I believe this book is useful for people of all faiths.

“Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.”