There is always HOPE

 Once we are born, we start to lose…

We lose good friends, spouses, children, jobs, pets and our health.
Sometimes we lose faith in ourself or the world.
And when that happens, we are usually clueless about what to do and how to move forward.  And why is that?
Because our parents do not teach these lessons to us, nor does our society.
We need to learn the correct way to grieve.
Grieving means to complete the relationship with the departed, to say goodbye (not to forget about them!) and to be able to move
forward to lives of joy and celebration.

You are not alone.

I care and can help you recover and heal and move on to a future filled with hope.
Look through my website, then call or e-mail me with any comments or questions.
I look forward to meeting with you.
Grief IS Okay…

Mel Glazer

Rabbi, D. Min.

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